The Larson Difference

Utilizing over 40 years of real estate training and professional education experience, Larson Educational Services (RDB Ventures, Inc) is the premier education provider in SWFL. We provide enjoyable, lively and interactive educational experiences that give you more than just credits: we give you ideas. Everything that we do is focused on professionalism and is based on the needs, goals and objectives of the student.

Of all the Florida real estate, CAM and mortgage business schools you can choose from, there is one that goes beyond merely filling seats and issuing credits.

It’s called Larson Educational Services. And if you’ve given up on the idea that professional education could include interesting instructors and relevant course work, you’re in for a very pleasant surprise.

Because Larson goes to great lengths to bring you:

  • The BEST Classrooms
  • The BEST Course Materials
  • The BEST Instructors in the Business
  • The BEST Customer Service

In short, the best of everything.

And, as we all know, nobody ever became a success by settling for second best.

Different Courses

Our courses, like everything else we do, are oriented from the student’s viewpoint.

At Larson Educational Services, we’ve found that the best way to prepare students – not just for an exam, but for advancing their careers – is to make sure they have a complete understanding of the underlying principles of professional practice.

So you’ll find that a Larson course is not a series of random, disorganized fragments of information – it’s an intelligent discussion of the most relevant issues in your chosen profession.

No matter how long you have been away from school, our program will prepare you to pass the state exam on the first try. Equally important, our courses are crammed with information that will help you be successful in your new career.

Different Instructors

Larson Educational Services hires the best instructors in the business. Period.

You will find that our instructors are enthusiastic, outgoing, fun people. They’re excited about their subjects, excited about teaching, and determined to make learning fun for you.

Each one of our instructors is a respected professional with working knowledge of the subjects they teach. They know laws and theories and they know what it’s like in the real world. They do a great job of teaching you both.

Larson instructors are available to answer your questions during class, during breaks, after class, or even after you’ve finished a course. They know how important your education is to your future. So they don’t rest until you are satisfied that you fully understand the course material.

The result from your side of the desk is instructors who are motivated to make ‘going to school’ an enjoyable experience – no matter how long it’s been since you’ve been in a classroom.

Different Classrooms

If you’ve ever done time in a dark, cramped, dirty classroom, you owe it to yourself to inspect the Larson Educational Services facilities. You will find that they are especially designed for comfortable, effective, professional education.

Our facilities are shining examples of what classrooms should be: modern, comfortable, and well-lit, with good sight lines and AV equipment that actually works.

What’s more, Larson pays special attention to the little amenities that make education more enjoyable. Things as simple as comfortable chairs and large tables with plenty of room to spread out course materials – and free bottomless cups of coffee, tea and water.

In short, ours are professional facilities – in every sense of the word. And they’re conveniently located at Pinebrook Park, on S Cleveland Ave (US 41) just South of College Parkway in Fort Myers and at Marquesa Plaza, at the intersection of Pine Ridge and Livingston in Naples. Both locations provide free parking, on-site restaurants, and relaxing outdoor and break areas.

Naples Classroom

Different Materials

Our Larson Educational Services course materials – textbooks, workbooks, sample exams – are every bit as good as our instructors. That’s understandable, because we evaluate our materials just as rigorously as we evaluate our instructors.

Larson course materials are designed to fully complement the course content. Textbooks are clearly and appropriately written, and revised regularly to keep pace with your constantly changing profession. Workbooks are specially designed to make it easy to take good notes during class, and to check your progress in learning the course material.

In fact, you’ll want to keep yours long after classes have ended, and turn to them often as important reference sources – particularly in the first few years of your career.

Different Service

When you call us for information about our courses – or about state licensing requirements – you won’t get an irritating machine. Your call will be answered by a Larson Educational Services representative who will always greet you with a smile and spend as much time as necessary to answer your questions.

You’ll find that your representative knows the answer to almost all your questions, or knows where to look it up in a hurry. And if your representative promises to send you some material, it will be sent to you the same day.

Our Guarantee

From your very first contact for license information, through post-licensing and continuing education courses to help you throughout a successful career, Larson Educational Services promises you the best of everything: the best courses, the best instructors, the best materials, the best facilities, and the best service.

These are the differences which we believe put Larson Educational Services a cut above other schools. Put us to the test. Try taking a Larson course and judge for yourself.

It could make a big difference in your career.