Florida 8 Hour MLO CE Course

This course is designed to ensure students understand the Federal laws, such as RESPA, ECOA and TILA, in order to operate legally and ethically. Students will learn the requirements for delivery of the Integrated Disclosures, and general requirements for the Closing Disclosure. We'll explain how the CFPB supervises and examines financial service providers, and how to recognize types of mortgage fraud schemes and crimes. We'll also cover the FL-OFR defined topics.

We will be utlizing a streaming education platform called REcampusLIVE, which can host up to 100 attendees at one time. The platform allows for synchronous audio and video presentation, as well as a chat box feature for communication between students, instructors, and facilitators. Our video presentation component will include a live feed of our instructor as well as the PowerPoint slides. You can see a demo of one of our REcampusLIVE real estate classes here.

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Credit Hours: 8
NMLS Course ID: 13049
Tuition: $99

Dates and Times

We have offered our final class of 2021. We'll release our 2022 class dates in summer of 2022.

One Day Class: One day from 8:30am to 5:30pm Eastern Time

REGISTRATIONS CLOSE 4 DAYS PRIOR TO START TIME. If the course date you want is full, please call us to be placed on our waiting list. If we have any cancellations, students will be contacted and placed on the course roster based on the order they went on the waiting list.

The dates and times listed below are for Florida. Looking for Minnesota classes?

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Attendance Verification

The verifying of full attendance of our students will be accomplished with multiple features.


All students will have to register individually to attend the class, using their full name, phone number and email address. Each student will receive a personal event attendance URL. Students are not allowed to share this personal URL and there can only be one participant within a session using this URL.

Log In

Students must log in to the class no more than 20 minutes after the class start time. We can not provide credit to students who log in later than 20 minutes after start time.

Ongoing Monitoring

Our streaming platform has a feature called “Presence Manager” that allows for automatic reminders to students to ensure they are still present in the class and includes automatic logouts based on certain parameters. We will confirm presence 2-3 times per hour. Students who have 2 or more logouts will not receive credit. NMLS does not allow for partial credit to be given so any student who has 2 or more logouts during the 8 hour course will have to complete the entire 8 hour course on another class date.

End-of-Course Assessment

Our 25-question course assessment will be administered utilizing the “polling” feature in the REcampusLIVE platform. This will allow us to display each question individually, allow students to read and then answer the question within 15-30 seconds. If the poll shows that 100% of students got the question correct, we will simply move on to the next question. If we see incorrect answers selected, the instructor will quickly review the question content to further the understanding of the students regarding the question topic. This should take about 20 minutes to facilitate.