About the Exam

Test Components

The SAFE Mortgage Loan Originator Test consists of the National with Uniform State Test (UST).

The National Component of the SAFE Mortgage Loan Originator Test consists of 120 test questions:

  • 115 scored questions
  • 5 not scored questions (pre-test)

The test time will be 190 minutes, with an additional 30 minutes for completing a tutorial and an optional candidate survey.

NOTE: The 5 pre-test (un-scored) questions appearing on the National Component do not affect the candidate’s score or the pass/fail result. The pretest questions appear on the test in random order. The candidate will not know which questions are pre-test and which questions are scored.

Steps to take a Mortgage Loan Originator Test:

Step 1: Create an Account in NMLS

After completing this process, you will receive two emails from NMLS_Notifications@statemortgageregistry.com. The first contains your User Name and the second contains your temporary password.

Step 2: Enroll for Test in NMLS

Before you can schedule an appointment for a test, you must first create a Test Enrollment and pay the corresponding fee in NMLS - $110 for the National Component with UST. Log in to NMLS by using the User Name and Password provided to you in the email you received from NMLS when you created your account. You will be prompted to create a new Password.

Step 3: Schedule an Appointment for the Test

After paying for your test in Step 2 above, you can now schedule a test appointment with Prometric Testing Centers. Centers are available throughout the state of Florida and across the country.  In Southwest Florida, the nearest testing facility is located at 2891 Center Pointe Drive Suite 201 - Fort Myers, FL 33916.

You may also schedule your NMLS test to be conducted online at home through Prometric's ProProctorTM system. In order to access Prometric's ProProctorTM system, you will be required to download and install the ProProctorTM application from the Prometric website as well as perform a System Check. This will ensure that your laptop or desktop operating system meets the minimum requirements. This step is recommended prior to scheduling your online testing appointment to ensure compatibility.

If you have any questions regarding a test appointment, contact Prometric directly.

Schedule a Test

Contact Prometric
Phone: 877-671-6657

Step 4: Prepare to PASS your tests!

Passing the SAFE Act National Test is all about one thing...preparation! Larson Educational Services has the solution with our outstanding Exam Preparation Courses. A score of 75% or better is required to pass the SAFE Act test.

Complete the 20 Hour Florida Mortgage Loan Originator SAFE Comprehensive Course and get everything you need to prepare for the test!