Enrollment Policy

1-Year Enrollment Term

When you enroll in a live course at Larson Educational Services, you receive a 1-Year Enrollment Term. You may re-attend, review or reschedule a course as many times as you wish for up to 1-Year without paying any additional tuition. 

Please notify our office staff at (239) 344-7510 to reschedule a course and a new Course Confirmation will be sent. An additional materials fee may apply if the course materials have been updated since you last attended the course.

*NOTE: Tuition payment is required to attend LarsonEd classes. Classroom chairs are reserved for tuition paying students. 


If you cancel a course registration prior to a course start date or prior to receiving any purchased products, you will receive a 100% full tuition refund. If payment was made by credit card, the refund is issued directly through PayPal as long as the payment was received in the last 180 days. If payment was received more than 180 days ago, the refund will be issued via check, less a $10 processing fee.

If payment was made by check or cash, the refund will be issued via check, less a $10 processing fee.

A course registration may also be transferred to another course or product and any remaining monies can be issued as a refund via check or kept on file as a credit to a future purchase or registration.

In all refund instances, if books or materials were used or written in so as to not be reusable, refunds will be issued less a $35 materials fee. If you attended any portion of the course, refunds will be prorated based on how many units you attended.

If you purchased any online products and accessed the online product for any length of time, refunds will not be issued.

Money Back Guarantee

If you feel that we are not earning your tuition payment or that you have not received the level of service that we promised, please contact our office before you finish class and we will give you your money back.*

*Applies only to classroom courses and if course has not already been completed. Refunds will not be provided if you've already completed all units of a course and/or taken the final course exam.