Tips for New Real Estate Agents

LarsonEd Real Estate eBook

Available for download in the Amazon Marketplace for $3.99, The Florida Real Estate Agent's Handbook - Insider Tips, Tricks and Best Practices is full of insider advice created and written by the Larson family. The eBook is designed for new and newer agents, but it is also a great resource with tips and reminders for the real estate veteran.

We've distilled over 40 years of industry knowledge into 5 simple parts:

  • Getting Started
  • Prospecting
  • Your First Clients
  • Your First Sales
  • Always Improving
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The Florida Real Estate Agent's Handbook - Insider Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices

Articles and Videos

The team at Larson Educational Services has put together some phenomenal resources for you as a new real estate professional.

We have written many articles and produced a number of videos to give you easy to use strategies, tricks and tips for new real estate agents under the following categories...take a look!