28 Hour Real Estate Reactivation Course (Online Self-Study)

The Florida 28 Hour Reactivation Course reactivation course is intended for individuals who currently hold involuntary inactive Florida real estate licenses. The Florida Real Estate Commission requires brokers and sales associates who have held an "involuntarily inactive license" for more than 12 months but less than 24 months to complete a 28-hour reactivation course.

  • This is one of the cheapest and fastest course options for Florida real estate license reactivation.
  • This is an online course that combines the robust content of a text-based learning environment with the convenience of online grading and reporting.
  • You will complete this course within our proprietary LarsonTrak online student portal. 

Students can review the material at their own pace, and it includes sample questions, and exams that measure student understanding of the material. 

DBPR Approved Course #0029809
Credit hours: 28
Tuition: $99

What's Included

  • 9 unique class units that cover every education topic required for license reactivation: 
    • UNIT 1: Real Estate License Law And Qualifications For Licensure
    • UNIT 2: Real Estate License Law And Commission Rules
    • UNIT 3: Authorized Relationships, Duties And Disclosure
    • UNIT 4: Real Estate Brokerage Activities and Procedures
    • UNIT 5: Violations Of License Law, Penalties And Procedures
    • UNIT 6: Federal And State Laws Pertaining To Real Estate
    • UNIT 7: Real Estate Contracts
    • UNIT 8: Real Estate Related Computations And Closing Of Transactions
    • UNIT 9: Real Estate Investments And Business Opportunity Brokerage
  • Downloadable eBooks: Each Unit of class has a separate downloadable eBook so that you can read through the content at your own pace.
  • Sample Questions: at the end of each Unit, you will complete quiz questions that will prepare you for the 50-question final exam.
  • Reported Credit to DBPR: Our Career Counselors will receive immediate electronic notification of your course completion, allowing us to report your completed CE hours to the DBPR within 48 hours.
REACT-SelfStudy Cover

How to Enroll

Clicking the Enroll Now button will bring you to our proprietary student portal, LarsonTrak. After entering contact and payment information, you can begin working on your course immediately in the LarsonTrak system.

For the best experience, please use Chrome, Firefox, and Edge as they are the best web browsers for our platform.

Completing the Course

  • This is an online SELF-STUDY eBook course that can be completed anywhere that you have an internet connection.
  • When registering for this course, you will create a Username and Password to log-in and access the course 24/7.
  • To successfully complete the Florida 28 Hour Real Estate Reactivation Online SELF-STUDY Course, you must pass a 50 question exam at the end of the course. 70% is passing (35 correct).
  • If you fail the online reactivation end of class examination, you are allowed one (1) retest. The retest is available right away in your online portal. If you fail a second time, you must complete the course again in its entirety before being eligible to retest.
  • Your course enrollment is valid for a period of 1-year from the date you purchased it, or until you pass the course exam.
  • IMPORTANT: In the event you fail the course exam two times, Florida state law requires you to complete the course again in its entirety before you are allowed to take the exam. In this case, your 1-year enrollment period ends for your original course purchase and you will be required to re-purchase the course, providing you with another 1-year enrollment.
  • If you need technical support, please email us at info@LarsonEd.com or call 239-344-7510. Our support team is available 9am-4pm ET Mon-Fri. Emails and phone calls outside of these hours will be returned as soon as possible.
  • After you pass the exam, we will be notified of your passing score electronically.
  • Your Certificate of Completion will be available to you immediately upon passing the exam and can be downloaded and printed from your LarsonTrak student account. We will then report your completed hours to the DBPR.
  • Click here to see all of the steps required to renew your license.