Questions & Answers

How much does it cost to renew my Florida real estate license?

For license renewals between July 1, 2023 and June 30, 2025, it will cost $48 for Sales Associates and $54 for Brokers to renew your license through the Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR).

How do I report my continuing education hours?

Larson Educational Services is required to notify the DBPR within 30 days of course completion. You will receive a Certificate of Completion at the conclusion of each course and we report completion to DBPR electronically on Monday, Wednesday and Friday of every week. If you completed an online or correspondence course with us, we will notify you by email with a Certificate of Completion and record of your hours being reported to DBPR.

Prior to your license expiration date, you will need to click on the Renew Your License button and follow the directions to renew your license.

How do the Florida Real Estate Continuing Education ONLINE INSTRUCTOR-LED courses differ from the ONLINE SELF-STUDY courses?

The difference between online INSTRUCTOR-LED education and online SELF-STUDY is quite significant.


With our online INSTRUCTOR-LED courses you will be taught by professionally trained instructors who are experts in the real estate and education industry. It combines video-based lessons that you can review at their own pace, hundreds of sample questions, supplemental resources and exams that measure your understanding of the material.

The online INSTRUCTOR-LED course is the closest replication of being in the classroom, but with the freedom and flexibility of completing the education at your own pace and on your own schedule anywhere you have an internet connection.

Like Netflix, you can watch your streaming education whenever it’s convenient for you. Pause, stop and review it as much as you’d like for up to 1-year!

Online SELF-STUDY Courses

The online SELF-STUDY courses are geared toward those individuals who prefer a more traditional style of online learning where the course content is delivered in a text-based format, meaning the primary method of learning is through reading. Online SELF-STUDY learning is not right for everyone, but it can be a very convenient way to complete the required education.

Keep in mind, however, if you do choose to complete the education in our online SELF-STUDY format, that it is up to you to determine when and where you will proceed through the course, as opposed to the online INSTRUCTOR-LED course where the instruction is video-based and our instructors will tell you how to proceed through the course material.

Please call us at 239-344-7510 if you have further questions about the difference between INSTRUCTOR-LED and SELF-STUDY online education or need guidance in making a selection.

My initial real estate license is about to expire. In order to renew, what is my education requirement?

All Florida real estate licensees, including those who applied under a Mutual Recognition Agreement and attorneys, must complete post-licensure courses prior to the expiration of the initial license.

  • If you are a sales associate you must complete 45 hours of post-licensing education.
  • If you are a broker you must complete 60 hours of post-licensing education.

The education MUST be completed before your license expiration date. If it isn't completed, your license will go NULL & VOID.

Can I renew my license before I take my education?

No. Attempting to renew a license without completing the education requirements is a violation of license law. The school can only certify that the licensee has completed the post-licensing or continuing education requirement. Being registered for classes or having the intent to take them before the renewal deadline is not sufficient.

Click below to see more detailed information about upcoming Florida Real Estate Continuing Education classroom courses in Fort Myers, Naples and Sarasota, or by eBook and Online.

My license is inactive. Am I required to complete continuing education?

Yes, all licensees pay the same fees and must complete the continuing education requirements regardless of active versus inactive status.

What happens if I do not complete the required continuing education prior to the expiration date?

Your license status will become involuntarily inactive. During the inactive period you may not perform real estate services. To activate the license, you will need to complete the 14 hours of continuing education and renew your license with the DBPR by paying the license renewal fee ($48 for Sales Associates and $54 for Brokers) and a $25 late fee within 12 months from the date of your license expiration date.

Can I request an extension of my license renewal requirements?

The Florida Statute governing real estate does not allow for hardship extension on renewals that require 14 hours of continuing education or 28 hours reactivation education. The Florida Statute allows only for a medical hardship to the licensee who is required to complete post license education by their initial expiration date. The Florida Statute does not allow for financial or family hardship.

What happens if my license status is involuntarily inactive for more than 12 months?

To activate the license you will need to complete a 28-hour reactivation course and renew your license before the end of the 24th month. Failure to do so will result in the license status becoming null & void.

Can I receive continuing education credit for attending a FREC Meeting?

Yes, the commission may accept as a substitute for 3 classroom hours, one time per renewal cycle, attendance at one legal agenda session of the commission. In order to obtain credit, you must notify the division at least 7 days in advance of your intent to attend.

Can I repeat a course and still get continuing education credit for it?

You must wait until the next licensing period before repeating a particular course in order to receive continuing education for it a second time. You may, however, get credit for completing two different Core Law courses during a single license period.

Can I carry over continuing education credits between renewals?

No. After each renewal you must complete 14 hours of continuing education in the following 2-year license period. Any credits earned over 14 hours will be forfeited upon license renewal.

Can I send my assistant to take my continuing education classes?

No. You must attend continuing education courses in person in order to get credit.

Can I get partial credit for a class if I only attend part of it?

No. Courses must be attended in their entirety to receive credit for the approved number of hours. We are not able to give partial credit of any kind.

I’m an attorney and I want to obtain a Florida real estate sales associate license. What education do I need to complete?

As an active Florida attorney in good standing with the Florida Bar, you are exempt from the 63 Hour Sales Associate Pre-License Course and continuing education requirements. You will be required to complete 45-hours of post licensing education before your first license renewal.